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The Social Care Commitment – More than just Motherhood and Apple Pie

Added on July 9th, 2014

A bit like ‘motherhood and apple pie’ everybody is in favour of higher standards in the delivery of social care services. So wouldn’t it be an obvious and easy step for every social care provider to sign up for the Social Care Commitment? Sure, registering your organisation and staff takes a little time and effort, …read more

Is the CQC Finally ‘Walking the Walk’ on Leadership, Collaboration and Consistency?

Added on June 26th, 2014

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll have seen that the CQC has recently committed to developing a common framework with Monitor and the Trust Development Agency for evaluating whether an organisation is well-led.  What does this tell us? First it says that being recognised as a well-led provider is important; whether you are an …read more

What should we Read into the Safeguarding Adult Care Users Document?

Added on June 11th, 2014

On May 7 Andrea Sutcliffe the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, launched a document entitled: ‘Safeguarding Adults – Roles and Responsibilities in Health and Care Services’. The aim of the document is to clarify roles and expectations for everyone involved in adult social care. So what’s new, and what should care homes and other …read more

Let the Light In! National Care Home Open Day, June 20

Added on May 28th, 2014

How many people have an accurate view of what life is like inside a care home? For many the view is distorted by an outdated image or what they read in the papers. June 20th is a chance to change all that. Following the success of the first event, National care Home Open Day 2014 …read more

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